Sony Ericsson K750i Clara

the 2005 first brick of IR7 Corporation

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Will You still love me
when I'm no longer
young and beautiful?

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Clara: the pioneer investment beneath IR7 fundamentals

Vintage values that ensure the co-prospering future

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So one and only. (© IR7 Corporation)

Jack Léon, IR7, bought his first Clara in 2005 as a symbol of founding his investor relations business. That time, he practiced as the student of public relations specialty and worked at an investment company. Jack invented the term "investor relations" in that very year, and discovered later that the science of IR already existed. Thus, he decided to devote his business life to the IR science.

However, Clara was stolen rather soon, on May 28, 2016. Good news that, after 17 years, she has been returned to Jack's already experienced investor relations organization. Today, the address book of Jack's Clara collects all the contacts of IR-officers who unite to enhance their developing excellence.

Clara’s portrait

"The world is mine." This is the very unit of Sony Ericsson K750i that IR7 director uses today:

This rare pricey item (in an extraordinarily mint condition) has been purchased by IR7, LLC via Avito on May 4, 2023.

IR7 is the present shareholder of Sony Corporation.

Let Love be.

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